Usman Fahimullah

Big Shooter Productions

Big Shooter Productions came to me to redesign their website and to give their brand a sense of boldness and personality.

Big Shooter Productions

Making Every Shot Count.


The Challenge

Big Shooter Productions needed to re-energize their brand and culture dedicated to film. In a saturated, jargon-filled market, it was our first challenge to give this work-hard/play-hard team a stand-out brand makeover. But the real challenge came in redesigning and developing a fluid website that could communicate how much they love to make films for their clients — while capturing everything Big Shooter Productions offers.


My Approach

We kicked off brand strategy with an exercise on the client side and a concepting round on our side to nail down brand essence. The result? A prescription for a brand that exudes authenticity and personality.

However, the visuals had a tall order: they needed to carry the boldness of production while feeling fun and fresh, to reflect how simple, yet powerful, the Big Shooter Productions is.

The key was structure. We started by taking the existing symbol and re-working it to symplify it and give it personality.  We named the “Tele” and designed a simple badge system and personality system to showcase the adaptability of the brand.  We chose two typeface families, one rooted in sci-fi the other exudes productions. The leading color, a burning orange, formed the core of simple yet bold color palette. All in all the brand exudes the power of just getting things done! While stll putting the work as the main focus.

A Powerful study of old sci-fi films led the way for a design that took from the past while looking to the future.


UI/UX Design

For a production company the site felt dated and not inline with where the company was headed at all. I decided to take a completely different approach the site.

From content strategy to wireframes to page design, bringing the projects that Big Shooter Productions had done were key. The bold yet friendly new brand system encouraged creative flourishes in UX/UI design, like subtle noise effects and parallax effects.   



Wireframing was done primarily with sketches as the client wanted a simple site with little blemishes. The UX for the site was designed to always lead the user to the work as well as the ability to quickly hire them at the end of most pages, this was to give the user an easy way to quickly get in touch with the client.

The site’s UX was primarily built to showcase the prowess of Big Shooter Productions ability through work and energy the teams brings to the table. The UX focuses on the content and lets the user digest content fast and efficiently while always leading them along a simple story about the client. Each page has links to other sections of that correspond to the previous page, this allows the user to always be jumping into a multiple pages.



The UI for Big Shooter Productions was designed to represent “retro-future” this was a major ideology at the company. Using new film equipments with old film techniques is what defines Big Shooter Productions and the interface needed to represent that. The interface pulls from old sci-fi films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey to give the site a unique feel while still keeping the site fairly minimal and easy to navigate.



Always went 120%, whenever I would expect the average I’d get the best!
— Tim Cronin, CE0 of Big Shooter Productions