Usman Fahimullah

Greenwell Farms

Greenwell Farms

Grinding a new e-commerce experience.


The Challenge

The Greenwell Farms legacy began in 1850 when Henry Nicholas Greenwell left England and first set foot on the fertile soil of rural Kona. Their special Kona Coffee blend is known throughout the world, the current website as it stands doesn’t allow coffee aficionados to properly purchase and explore the wide offerings of Greenwell farms.

The challenge was to introduce current and new audiences to the wonder of Greenwell Farms’ famous Kona Coffee through a new e-commerce experience. The goal was to streamline, excite, and bring the Greenwell Farms experience to the web.


The Approach

The approach was quite simple, rather than to update the interface for the responsive web. I looked to see how the culture of Greenwell Farms could be used throughout the site in meaningful ways, this involved putting more emphasis on current features that have been neglected and adding depth of knowledge to their coffee products. This approach would allow the current user base to have an improved experience without changing too much of the existing framework, while making it more streamlined for future users.


The Research

To make sure I was crafting something purposeful for Greenwell Farms and not just something thrown together, I did a lot of research on Greenwell Farms user demographics. The user personas played a huge role in designing wireframes and sitemaps as well as influencing style of the user interface.

The sitemap was used to define how the overall structure site could be broken down into key aspects of the site; Home, Point of Purchase, Coffee Club, Exploration, and My Account. This allowed the design of the site to have specific goals in mind depending where the user landed on the site, whether the user was looking to quickly shop or the explore greenwell farms we could outline specific user flows to target those areas.



Wireframing was an intense process as I decided to outline every part of the experience, each part of the wireframe was marked and explained as to the purpose of why it belonged on the page. Overall the wireframing process had created over 59 responsive wires and an 84 page presentation which contained all the explanations of the wires, and each user flow.


User Interface

For the user interface, I incorporated many elements taken from coffee and Hawaii. The interesting aspect of the Greenwell Farms, that led the direction of the website using textures such wood grains and coffee bags to give a sense of depth. The script typeface gives each area a little bit more friendliness. The simplicity of the interface allows the user to quickly navigate the site with ease.