Usman Fahimullah

Joeys Backpack Co

Joeys Backpack Co.

A little friend that comes with you on every adventure


The Challenge

The challenge was to create a brand experience that communicated approachability, friendliness, and delight whenever the child saw it. We kept that front-of-mind as we built out this new brand from scratch.


Our Approach

Meet Jack the Joey

This lockup represents the energetic Joey (baby kangaroo) named Jack! This consists of the main badge lockup. The logo was constructed out of purely circles to keep the design as minimal as possible, we also used circles to create a sense of friendliness in its construction.


The Brand

Joeys took a lot of inspiration from the outback of Australia for its color theory while the typography was more based on the light-heartedness of children with a fun hand-written header typeface to a fun rounded geometric typeface.


The Backpack

The Joeys Backpack comes in 4 distinct colors with each an their own aborigine patterns and a bright color. The backpack design is very contemporary and has its own charm, giving each backpack its own little personality. Put this all together and you get one eye-catching backpack that’s sure to fly off the shelves.


The Joeys Backpack Brand

The brand highly places emphasis on Jack the Joey, this is done to ensure that the symbol becomes completely associated with the backpack and the brand. Below you’ll find more elements of the brand in action and how it scales from medium to medium.


Jump Into an Adventure

Designing Joeys Backpack Co. was fun, it got me to think a lot about how symbols can bring out an emotion from someone as well as the challenge of crafting a brand that honored the symbol and made its presence known where it went.