Usman Fahimullah



The Challenge

Working with Atlassian’s dev tools can sometimes make life difficult . Even humble projects often involve multiple coders and consultants, each working in specialized software. is a software plugin company that makes working with Bitbucket, Jira, Confluence, etc. a lot easier. The issue was that none of the plugins were unified under one umbrella.

Mohami asked me to unify all of their plugins under the Mohami brand to establish a more coherent design narrative across all plugins that would allow developers to instantly recognize where the plugin came from and who developed it. T


My Approach

I kicked off the re-brand with a visual audit of the current brand and where it was and where it needed to go. The result of this was to craft a brand that is hormonious between the main brand logo and its 14 plugins that it carries. 

However, each logo needed to have its own identity as to why the logo looked that way while still being recognized as the Mohami brand. 

The key was modularity. We started by taking the existing symbol and re-working it to give it meaning as to why it existed.  We names this mark the plug, as it was the plug to a waide range of tools.  Then focused how to make modular, what I ended up doing was taking the mark and taking its signifying period and made it bigger while making the “M” smaller. This allowed all the sub-logos to have it’s unifying look across the board while stil having it’s own identity. 

Crafting a modular system that could scale across multiple plugins now while also crafting a solution for the future.


Component Based Design

To make sure all the plugins are even more aligned, I designed a set of components to be used inside each plugin. This gives Mohami instant brand recognition and personality that differentiates it from other competitors in the Atlassian Marketplace. These include graphs, buttons, text styles, dropdowns, etc.

Component 1 Copy.png

example page

Below is an example of how the components could look when utilized.

Desktop HD.png


For Mohami, I wanted to make sure the plugins would standout in the Atlassian Marketplace. Adverstisments in the marketplace showcased the plugin rather than being visually interesting. They tended to just be direct the point.

For Mohami I wanted to shift that paradigm by bringing a more conceptual advertisment. One that illustrated the plugin rather than showed the plugin outright. I brought on an illustrator to craft specialized illustrations for each plugin. Each illustration had their own concept but had a consistent style across the bird.

Usman has shown you can do anything with great thinking and a positive attitude!
— Mohammed Davadooli, CEO of

The Result

After launching the new re-brand for the company, Mohami has seen an increase of over 127% of downloads of plugins and an increase 200% increase of banner ad click throughs. Overall the brand resonated with many of the Atlassian Marketplace customers in that it provided something different than what other developers are providing.