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One UI


Intro - One UI.png

The Challenge

When Samsung completely re-designed they current samsung experience to a new interface called One UI, I fell in love. One UI reminded me of the joy I felt when I was first introduced to app design back when Microsoft released Windows Phone 7 series. Samsung’s new interface looks to the future and ease of use and I immediately wanted my hands on some guidelines.

Sadly, Samsung has yet to release guidelines for the One UI. So I decided to take it upon myself to try and re-create Samsung’s own One UI experience with the tools that I had at my disposal.



The Approach

In order to design One UI to the best my abilities, I looked at One UI from multiple lenses from the One UI intro to the Microsite. I wanted to capture the soul of it. Though I currently have a couple screens designed out, I now have the structure laid out. I built the whole design around an 8px grid system as I think Samsung did the same. I also split the screen by the golden ration which makes sense and looked at how Samsung was using type scaling. Without Galaxy Sans, I opted to use the standard Android system typeface; Roboto.

Music - One UI.png

Key Takeaway

Even though this isn’t a lot of stuff to show. I learned a lot about how much thinking goes into just building out a UI System. Understanding how each element was built, spacing them properly, and understanding how type can be used give a since of depth is something I’m sure to keep and improve upon as a grow as a designer.