Usman Fahimullah



First of all, hello I’m a different type of designer…{scroll down} more to learn why.




Hi! My name is Usman Fahimullah. I'm a student studying graphic design + digital media at Laguna College of Art+Design. I'm passionate about crafting experiences for human beings not robots. I use design thinking and research driven design to create new solutions that are engaging to the user.

On my off time I love to digest all forms of media, whether it's through music, movies, or tv. 



My Philosophy

Be honest {but don’t put people down…}

Keep it real {don’t be afraid to speak up...}

Always learn {never stop learning, my friend...}



My Approach

Let’s Talk

I always think talking is the best way solve a problem. We’re humans, we’re social anyour proimals. How we’ve solved every problem has come from talking it out. So let’s solve your problem by just jumping on a call and talking it out.


Research, research, research…I want to learn as much as possible to make sure your problem has the right solution to it. So go knee deep in the trenches finding the solution to your problem and actually know why I did that.


Here is the fun part…just making everything look awesome. Every company has a different process, whether it’s waterfall, agile, or whatever is the next new workflow I can work in it all. Whatever helps gives you the best experience is my goal.



Here’s some music videos that I’m currently into.